Which is best – Dating Chatlines or Online Dating?

Looking for love can sometimes be hard even though there are many ways to do so in the modern day. We are now swamped by technology that enables us to match with potential partners, with a swipe of a screen we are chatting to our potential partner instantly. However, is app based dating really the way to find love? Here is why phone dating is better than its app based competitors.

Online dating

Dating chatlines are more immediate…

With phone chat you can want to talk to someone one minute and be immediately chatting to them the very next. You simply call a number and leave a message or a quick ‘hello’. You get to chat straight away without having to hang around waiting for someone to respond to your messages, as you would on a dating website or app.

….and they’re more intimate

No, not in that way! When you talk to people on the phone you can hear their voice and this is a huge differentiator when it comes to choosing your partner. Really? Yeah, the voice is an often overlooked signal. You probably know the 7-38-55 rule of communication: 55% of our total communication is delivered by body language, 38% by vocal signals and the last slim 7% is delivered by words.

With dating chat lines you can spot the intimacy of the voice. This includes lots more cues such as tone of voice and immediate reactions that you simply cannot get on text based dating websites or apps. It also happens in real time so you know you are getting a genuine response.Chatline dating

Making dating quick and simple

Unlike dating apps a live chat experience is quick and simple. You don’t need to become a member or sign up and pay fees. Telephone chat lines give you an immediate personal response, plus there’s the added benefit of being interactive, confidential and safe. It’s also easier to build a rapport with the person on the other end of a line as opposed to via a text based app.

Chatlines tailored to your love interests

It’s 2016 and each and every one of us has different tastes. The good news is there are chatlines suited to everyone out there while we can’t say the exact same for apps. There is a chatline for every imaginable type whether you are straight, gay, bi, transgender or other, even if you’re looking for a partner from the same religion or country there is a chatline for them all.  Whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or something lighter you can be guaranteed there is a phone chatline for you.

Internet dating is overrated

In the age of Tinder it sometimes seems that internet and app based dating reigns supreme. However, it can be argued that telephone dating has far more benefits. Granted, if you sometimes struggle with words, typing may feel easier and less awkward than talking, but emotions are lost through typing. A phone conversation lets you  listen to the sound of another’s voice and use the tone to determine their mood.

When you use an online website or app, it can take a while to make a connection (if at all). You usually have to exchange a load of messages before it even becomes a viable option to get the other person’s number and call them. And even then you’ll probably have to have a few conversations before you actually meet. By using a phone as your first port of call, you are able to see if the other person (or indeed you) are interested straightaway and set up a meeting instantly if you click.

Inactive online accounts

The chance to actually meet someone on a phone chat line significantly outweighs that of online or app based dating. Really? Yes. Think of it this way, they are lots of people who have profiles on these sites or apps who have either met someone or stopped looking for another reason. This means you can waste a lot of time sending messages to users who won’t respond.  On a phone dating chatline, everyone is there in real time, so everyone you speak to on the phone line is a real person seeking a connection.


With so many chatlines available, and so many great benefits of using them, is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to? 

Well, the big downside is cost. The chatlines themselves are very upfront about how much it costs per minute to use their services – something we heartily applaud.  However, they only tell you the cost of their own service charge. If you’re phoning from your mobile, your phone company will slap on an extra cost known as an access charge. You won’t see this until your bill comes in (or your PAYG plan suddenly comes to an abrupt halt.)  It’s a big sting in the tail. Access charges can add as much as XXp a minute to the cost of your call.

But you don’t have to pay them. Instead, you can download RightCall app and get a unique dial screen that routes your call through a low cost network instead of your usual phone company’s network. The access charge you have to pay on top of the chatline service charge will plummet to just a few pennies. Plus the screen shows you the cost before you call, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying.

Make sure you only get shafted by Cupid’s arrow and not by high mobile bills. Get the RightCall app to call dating chatlines and to keep your costs well under control, even if your emotions run away with you.



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