With your help, we’re here to demand a better deal for every mobile phone user in the UK.

As a nation, mobile network operators rip us off to the tune of £6,000,000,000 a year. They shamelessly siphon off this whopping sum from all of us with expensive minutes when we go over plan or make calls to numbers that start 084, 089, 09 or 118. Whether you have a pay as you go or a monthly contract, we’re all ripped off to the tune of £80 every yearfor every man, woman and child in the UK.

It’s a rip-off

Often you have no idea that you’re shelling out for these exorbitant charges until you get the bill, because your phone company doesn’t tell you the true cost upfront. It’s not helped by having so many different mobile phone tariffs – over XXXX at the last count.  It’s OUTRAGEOUS.

We believe that:

  • Call charges should be clear, simple and transparent
  • You should be told the cost before you make the call
  • You should be able to compare costs quickly and easily
  • Call costs should be fair and reasonable – not a rip off
  • Tariffs and plans that lock you in to high prices should be banned

We campaign tirelessly for fair prices for every call.

Your stories and opinions help us do that, by exposing the scams, the swindles and the scandals for us to investigate. Your questions and answers help others by giving people valuable tips on how to cut their costs of calling and get a fair deal.

Practical help – a low cost dialer for UK calls

The RightCall app is another way we help put a stop to rip-off call charges.  This specialist UK calling app is free to download from Google Play or the App Store. It gives you a dial screen on your mobile that you can use to phone all UK numbers for just 8p or less rather than being stung for 40p or more.

What’s more, it also shows you the cost upfront for the call via the app and the cost via your network.    It’s great for premium-rate numbers and those times when you’re out-of-bundle or over-contract.

It’s our way of offering practical help so that everyone gets a fair price for every call they make – immediately.  Imagine if everyone used it – the great UK telecoms scam would be over.

Welcome. Come on in and sign up now - and be part of something good.