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The phone calls costing you £7 before you've even spoken to an operator !


You’re planning a holiday, trying to book a flight, and there’s a problem. So you pick up the phone.

But calling the holiday operator could set you back as much as £7 before you’ve even spoken to an operator!

Many travel companies use freephone numbers for existing customers, but use premium non-geographic 084 and 087 numbers for new ones.

The high cost is often due to the extra charge, known as an access charge, added on by mobile phone companies.

When RightCall used an 087 number to call Scandinavian Airlines on an O2 mobile, there was a 13 minute on hold time, with a service charge of 10p a minute and an O2 access charge on top of that of 48p a minute.

The total cost before speaking to an operator was £7.54.